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NREGA Job Card List 2022: The NREGA Job Card List 2022 has been released on the official website of NREGA run by the Ministry of Rural Development. Any person from across the country who wants to see his name in the NREGA job card list. They can check online by visiting the official website of MNREGA scheme. What is the eligibility for how to check mnrega job card list in this article? Through the MGNREGA scheme, you will know about what works are done by the government from job card holders, etc.

Friends, you must have heard about the MNREGA scheme at some point. If you have heard a little bit about NREGA, but you do not know what works in this scheme. The question must have come to your mind again and again that what is NREGA? In this article, we will try to know about NREGA.


MGNREGA – Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act Overview 2022

Name of the scheme. Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act
beginning of the scheme. February 02nd, 2006
concerned department. rural development department
official website. Nrega Job Card List
When did the name change from NREGA to MNREGA? October 02nd, 2009
How many days of employment are given at present? 150 days.
What is daily wage in MGNREGA? Rs. 194.

When was MGNREGA started in Rajasthan?

NREGA is one of the most popular public welfare schemes of our country. The curiosity to know about it is always in our mind. Like where NREGA started, when was it established etc. NREGA, also known today as MGNREGA, was first brought by the Manmohan Singh government in 2005. The law was passed in both houses by the Manmohan Singh government. But at the ground level, it first started on February 2, 2006 from Badlapalli village in Anandapur district of Andhra Pradesh state.

MGNREGA Day is celebrated every year on February 2. Thursday is celebrated as MNREGA war. It was launched by the government in a phased manner. The first phase was launched in a total of 200 districts. The second phase was started from April 1, 2007. Now it has been started in 113 more districts. In the same phase, other districts were also included in it on May 15, 2007. After this, the third phase was started on April 1, 2008. Now it was implemented in the rural areas of the entire country.

Through this, employment is provided on a large scale across the country. NREGA is the world’s largest welfare scheme, and provides millions of jobs every year. It has been 16 years since this scheme. This scheme still provides employment in the rural sector in the number of millions. It was also appreciated by the World Bank in the years of hull, and also published in its magazine.


Renaming of NREGA (National Rural Employment Guarantee Act)

The name of NREGA was changed to 02 October 2009 after the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi on the occasion of golden jubilee of MGNREGA Panchayati Raj. Only M was put forward in NREGA. Which is now called Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act.

What is the full form of NREGA?

What we know today as MNREGA was NREGA in the early days. Full Name of NREGA (Nrega/ MGNREGA stands for NREGA – National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, 2005.

What is the objective of NREGA Job Card?

  • The MNREGA Act has also been made with the aim of protecting the environment.
  • Employment security in the rural sector of India was to be improved.
  • Women empowerment has been taken special care of in the MGNREGA Act.
  • Migration is a serious problem in rural India, the NREGA scheme was brought in by the government keeping this in mind. Because if employment opportunities are created in the village, then a very large population can be prevented from migrating.
  • Ensuring social equality: The MNREGA Act provides for equal opportunities to all sections of the society. When all classes are given equal opportunities (except women only), people from the lower strata can join the same income group. Which can ensure social equality.

Documents and eligibility required for MNREGA job card

If you want to make a MNREGA job card, then for this, you have to fulfill some necessary documents and eligibility prescribed under MNREGA rules. If you fulfill all the eligibility as per MNREGA rules, then you can make NREGA job card. Also you need some documents. The details of all these are as follows –

  • The work received in MNREGA is done by physical labor, it is not necessary to have any educated person. Any Indian citizen can apply for a job card.
  • The minimum age of nrega job card list applicant should be 18. People under the age of 18 are not eligible for this.
  • You can easily add the name in the job card list through the village head.
  • In the required documents, you must have aadhaar card, ration card, two-three passport size photographs, income certificate, original residence certificate and mobile number.
  • You must have a bank account in addition to all these. The wage money is transferred directly to your bank account through DBT.
  • If you fulfill all these eligibility, you can apply for your job card. After the job card is made, your minimum 100 days of employment is fixed.


Eligibility of MNREGA scheme and main points of MNREGA

  • The NREGA Act 2005 guarantees 100 days of employment in a financial year to every citizen who is willing to work in it by the MGNREGA job card.
  • Any state government can provide more than 100 days of employment. But the expenditure will have to be borne by the concerned State Government itself.
  • Under the MGNREGA Act 2005, the total share of the Centre and the state in MGNREGA is 90:10. That is, if the total expenditure is Rs 100, then out of that, 90 rupees will be given by the central government and 10 rupees by the state government.
  • Any citizen who is willing to work in NREGA and will generally apply on its format (Form 6).
  • Employment will be given within 15 days of filling the form. If there is no employment, the state government will have to pay unemployment allowance.
  • Employment will be given within 5 km from the worker’s house. If the distance is more than 5 km away, 10% additional wages will be given.
  • where work is being done. Shade, drinking water will be provided there. In case of injury, first aid and treatment will be given free of cost. If there are small children with a worker, then all these facilities will also be given for them.
  • Women workers will be given first priority. Special care has been taken for women empowerment in the MGNREGA Act.
  • 33% reservation has been provided for women.
  • Machines have been prohibited in MGNREGA. And the contractual system has also been forbidden.
  • No skill is required to work under the nrega scheme. Any interested person can work in it.


Achievements of MGNREGA Scheme

  • Under the Mahatma Gandhi Rojgar Yojana, Rs 3.14 lakh crore has been spent in the first 10 years across India.
  • The MGNREGA scheme has helped in reducing poverty in the country to a great extent.
  • Migration to rural India has been stopped.
  • The scheme was also appreciated by the World Bank in 2015.
  • It is the world’s largest social event.
  • MNREGA scheme provides employment to a good number of women.
  • The government has fixed the minimum wage. This has reduced the exploitation of the poor and made it possible to fix minimum wages.
  • Since 2018, people in the age group of 18 to 30 years have a large share in it. The main reason for this may be the signs of an increase in unemployment.

Works to be done under NREGA scheme

NREGA generates large scale employment in the unorganised sector of the country. With this scheme, the poor people of the village are guaranteed a minimum of 100 days of employment. Under this scheme, the following works are done at the village level.

  • Work related to gaushala
  • Irrigation works
  • Work related to plantation
  • knot work
  • house construction related work

Check NREGA Job Card List 2022 Online?

In the NREGA Job Card List 2022, you can see your name in just 5 minutes from mobile and laptop. To see the job card list, you follow the procedure given below.

Step 1 – To see the MGNREGA job card list, you first need to go to the official website of NREGA. After coming to the home page, you have to click on the report option.

Step 2 – After clicking on the report option, you will come to the new page. Here you will find all the options somewhere. Here you have to choose the job card option. After clicking on the option, you will go to the next page.

Step 3 – After clicking on the job card option, you will get a list of all the states. You have to select your state and click on it. We have chosen the State of Bihar for example. You choose your state.

Step 4 – After selecting your state, you have to select the financial year on the new page, here you can select NREGAJob Card List 2020 2021NREGA Job Card List 2021 22or earlier, after which you have to select your district, block and panchayat. After this, click on the process option below.

Step 5 – Clicking on the process button will open the MNREGA job card list of your village in front of you. The job card number and name written in the list will appear to you like a photo below.

Step 6– You now click on the job card number. As soon as you click on the job card number. Your job card will open in front of you. In this, you will get your name, total wage days and all the details related to payment.

Offline Application for NREGA Job Card

To apply offline for MNREGA job card, you have to get your documents done through the village head. You go to the village head and get the NREGA offline application form from him.

  • After receiving the application form from the village head, fill it completely.
  • Attach all your necessary documents. Such as ration card, Aadhaar card, photo and mobile number etc.
  • The village head will submit your form to the NREGA office.
  • You can check the status of your application online in two to three weeks.
  • In this way, you can apply for NREGA job card.

MGNREGA Scheme New Update2021

The central government has recently allocated additional budget for MGNREGA. The Budget has been allocated by its main Ministry – Ministry of Rural Development – to implement the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme. The ministry has done this due to the estimated increase in cost. In the 2021-22 budget, 73000 crores were allocated by the government. Nrega’s budget in 2020-21 was 61500. Which was later increased to Rs 1.11 lakh crore.


Question 1– When was the MNREGA scheme started?

Answer – The first MNREGA scheme was started in 2006. At that time the name of this scheme was NREGA, which was later named after Mahatma Gandhi on October 2, 2009. In Bartaman, its name is MNREGA.

Question 2 – Can we check our name online in the MNREGA list?

Answer – Yes, you can check your name in the MNREGA list in just 5 minutes. You can get information about the list by visiting the official website of MNREGA through your mobile or laptop.

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