How to Convince Family Members for a Love Marriage

If you have fallen in love with a girl or a boy and you want to marry her but your family is not ready for marriage, then through this article, I will give you love marriage tips, with the help of which you can agree to your family members for marriage.

How to convince family members to have a love marriage

Hello friends, my name is Vandana, my place of residence is in Patera, a small village in Damoh district. We have done inter-caste love marriage, which has been very difficult, today I am sharing my marriage story with you, which you may enjoy reading or you will get bored.

love marriage
love marriage

If you do not like the story, then you can leave it and read Love Marriage Tips, so let’s start.

My love story begins in 2013 when I was in class 10. We both used to go to the same coaching, we were going to coaching a few days ago, so my math was good, but when the boy started a little late, his maths was a little weak.

One day Sir gave me some questions that used to come to me, so we did it but we did not make it, then we explained to him, since then we started talking a little.

He liked me from the first day of coaching, but there was nothing from my side, so time went out, then we came to study in Sagar, a city in Madhya Pradesh.

We used to live in hostels where we did not like it at all because we used to get bored if we did not get anywhere. The day was spent in college and coaching, at night we were a little bored, so both of them used to talk a little.

While talking like this, it is not known when the friendship turned into love.

We were not able to live without each other, then we decided to live together and started living in a living relationship after seeing a flat.

A few days later, my father came to me for some work and he felt very bad to see both of us living together, we told him all the truth that we love each other and want to get married.

Dad was very angry at first, then we understood that I want to marry this boy, so my father agreed to the marriage, we go home and talk to this boy’s father, let’s see what he says.

true love
true love

Papa went to the village saying this and went to the village and talked to the boy’s father, “Your son and my daughter live together and want to get married, so the boy’s father flatly refused for marriage and said that we will shoot our boy and your girl but will never allow both of them to get married.”

My father told me that his family did not agree that both of you should go away, but we loved each other very much, so we did not go away and went to court and got married.

Now we were living together after court marriage, but our family did not agree with our marriage at all, then my husband got campus selection from the college and he got a job in Pune.

He had to go to Pune for a job, so we went to my parents’ house in Delhi and we stayed away for 2 years, then my husband left the job and went back to his house and after going home, he started working in the IT sector and the work started well.

He started taking care of all the expenses of the house and earned money by working hard day and night and got his sister married and got the younger sister admitted in a good college and kept me and his sister together by talking to the family members.

Where we used to do our blogging and she used to study, then she talked about marriage at home.

He said I want to marry the same girl, we work together, we know each other, understand that we have been together for so many years, now you guys agree. Now we started earning money and by god’s grace we have everything.

After saying all this, his father agreed to the marriage, then the question came how to tell the relatives and how to convince them to come to the wedding.

Gradually, everyone got ready for marriage and after waiting for 10 years, our wedding date was finalized, which is May 1, 2023.

The families of both of them got married with great pomp and we got married with every ritual. I never thought that I would ever get married in this life, but if I dream, then it is definitely fulfilled, my dear husband has done this. Which we always thank from the heart.


Love Marriage Tips

Let’s share some love marriage tips with you that will definitely work for you.


1. Give a signal to families in advance

If you want to have a love marriage, then you should keep expressing your love in conversation with the family members. Your family members are sitting with you and talking about your marriage, so you should indicate your love.

If your father is sharp and you are afraid of him, then you can talk to your mother or talk to your sister or brother one by one. It won’t be easy to tell everyone at once.

If possible, it would be better to tell about your love in front of your family members one by one.


2. Talk in a positive environment

If you want to talk about your marriage with the family members, then talk at the right time because if you talk like this at the wrong time, then your family may not agree to the marriage.

Therefore, when there is a positive atmosphere at home, everyone is happy in the house, then talk about marriage. And on such an occasion, introduce your partner to family members.

This is because in a happy environment, family members will pay more attention to the positive things of your partner.

3. Work with patience

It is a little difficult to convince the family members for love marriage, but in such a situation it is very important to have patience. Work done in haste can be harmful to you.

In such a situation, you should create a positive atmosphere as well as wait a little. If you talk about marriage in a negative environment, then it may worsen instead of becoming a matter. In such a situation, talk about your love marriage in a happy environment and do not bring your partner in front of your family in a hurry.

First talk to your partner at home, agree to meet as soon as they agree to meet, then you bring your partner in front of your family members.


4. Give your family an example of another’s love marriage

If someone in your house has a love marriage or someone in your friends has a love marriage, then you can give their example to your family members.

By doing this, the family will have confidence in your choice. They will not even look at love marriage from the wrong perspective.

Apart from this, he will understand your point correctly. But in such a situation, parents may give examples of a failed love marriage to you, in such a situation, you should tell the parents the reasons for the failed marriage and also assure them that you will not repeat these mistakes.


5. Take help of your friend to talk at home

If you can not talk about this topic openly with your family members or you are ashamed to talk about a topic like marriage, then you can take the help of your siblings or a friend.

But whoever is telling this important thing, they should not keep your point in front of the family in the wrong way, it is also your responsibility to take care of this thing. With the help of others, the matter can be easily conveyed to the parents.


6. Tell the family that the partner is ready for marriage

Often you must have seen that whenever you talk about love marriage in front of parents, one of their questions is whether they are ready for marriage.

In such a situation, you tell your family members that there is a consensus of both in this proposal and if your partner is not ready for marriage, then there is no use in telling your family about your relationship.


7. Keep distance from negative people by talking about love marriage

Sometimes parents are happy with your relationship but there are people around them who are against love marriage. These people can also change the thinking of your parents.

In such a situation, it is not right to talk about love marriage in front of these people. Whenever you tell the family about your partner, keep distance from people who think negatively. Otherwise, such people can spoil the work you have made.


8. Meet both of them once

Sometimes even after convincing a million, parents are not ready for love marriage. In such a situation, you should ask your parents to meet your partner once.

In such a situation, you have a meeting. And in any way, convince your parents and take them to the place where your partner is already present.

Try to get your partner to the meeting venue in advance. After that, let your partner decide what your choice is.

Note – The points mentioned above show that there is a need to have a little patience and wait for the right time before telling your family members about Love marriage.


9. Make yourself capable

If the person is performing his responsibilities well and is financially strong, then the chances of love marriage increase.

The ability of the son or daughter makes the parents so confident that their son or daughter will take all the decisions of his life after thinking. In such a situation, before talking about your love marriage with the family members, give a good direction to your career.


10. Win the trust of parents

Whether it is a love marriage or an arranged marriage, it is important to have strong trust in every relationship. In such a situation, if parents have to convince for love marriage, then first win their trust.

Convince them not to take any decision or step that will prove to be painful for them or for themselves. At the same time, make them believe that despite being tied in a new relationship, the place of parents will remain in life as before.

11. Take a stand for yourself

It is very difficult to convince the family members to do a love marriage. Many times the partner retracts his decision due to fear of the family members.

Therefore, it is important that partners should give time to their family members for love marriage and convince them for their decision. Apart from this, you should also explain to them why you want to have a love marriage and how it will affect your future.

Love marriage is not just a marriage but a bond of two people’s hearts. In this, both families also meet each other through a partner. If this decision is made thoughtfully, then it is right.

But, if you have done a love marriage against the family members, then sometimes this decision can ruin life. In such a situation, it is better to always decide on love marriage with the consent of the family members. This will be a happy start to your life.


Why is it so hard to convince parents for a love marriage?

love life
love life

There are many reasons related to social and mental thinking, due to which it is difficult to convince parents for love marriage. Among those possible main factors we are highlighting here.


1. Caste separation

We live in an Indian society full of different castes and traditions. There is no doubt that we are living in a new era, but there may still be many parents who are against marrying their son or daughter in another caste due to their old traditions. In such a situation, if the partner is from another caste, then it is possible that the parents are against love marriage.


2. Being of another religion

Now, while parents may be against marriage in another caste due to traditions, it is inevitable that they are against marrying in another religion as well. If the son or daughter wants to have a love marriage in another religion, then their partner’s religion can hinder this relationship.


3. Economic Status

Some parents may think that their son or daughter should belong to a household that is financially prosperous. From a parent’s perspective, doing so can secure their child’s future. On the other hand, due to this thinking, the boyfriend-girlfriend may also have to separate.


4. Social Fear

More than the happiness of one’s family, the suppression of “what people will say” can be seen more. We can also consider this as an obstacle in the path of love marriage.

This kind of social fear can make it difficult for parents to have a love marriage. They may fear that if their child marries from another caste, religion or lower caste, their relatives, neighbours, friends and other close ones may end their relationship with them and even sideline them from society.


5. Family atmosphere

Every parent wants their child’s future to be safe, satisfied and happy. For this, how their child is connecting with home can mean a lot to them.

In such a situation, if the family history or current of the partner is related to a criminal case or for any other reason their name is not good in the society, then they can refuse this marriage.


6. Childish behavior

Many times the childish behavior of yourself or the partner can also turn parents against love marriage.

Such behavior may make them feel that their child is trying to have a love marriage because of his childish habits, which can become a problem for him in the future. For this reason, it can be difficult to convince parents for love marriage.

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7. Early love

The age of adolescence is considered to be fragile in a way. At this age, not only do you become friends quickly, but you are also attracted to others quickly.

In such a situation, if you want to persuade the family members for love marriage at the age of adolescence, then they may have difficulty in it.

There may be such a fear in the mind of parents that such a big decision taken by their child at this age may be wrong. Therefore, they may underestimate this decision of the child and may be against love marriage.

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