How to Forget True Love, Don’t Punish Yourself at All

When you break up, it is not easy for anyone to forget your true love, so on this page we have shared ways to forget true love.

Friends, it is easy to love, but it is very difficult to forget that love, the feeling of love is very special, but when we get away from the same love, there is only pain in the heart.

Many people start punishing and torturing themselves when they break up. Some cut off the intoxication of the hand, some commit suicide. But doing so is a legal offense and causes a lot of pain and hardship to your family.

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Friends, this is a beautiful life, it should not be lost for anyone. People keep coming and going in life. When life does not stop with the arrival of someone, then what is the stopping of your own life when someone leaves?

While writing this article, I am also a little sad, so I tell you a story, if you do not want to read my story, then no problem, you can read the tips to forget true love given below.

My true story

When I was in the 10th class, a boy loved me very much. He would look at me every day, sit with me, ask me about maths.

One day his friend made a paper boat and wrote something in it and threw it towards me, but I did not open it.

Similarly, the 10th, 11th, 12th classmates left and he did not propose to me and we did not because we did not love him.

We came to college and when it came to class admission, he did not know where he got my number from and he called me.

It was Holi on March 27, 2015, when he called me on the day of Holi, I picked up the phone but he thought she was my sister.

He wished Holi and said where is your didi, so he was very happy to hear that I am speaking didi.

And we talked for a while and put the phone down, after which his phone started coming about college admission.

Both of us got admitted and we went away from home to study in the city, the family kept me in the hoster and he was living in the room.

I did not like the hoster at all, so I used to be depressed, one day the same boy called us, so we talked for a long time and after that we started talking every day.

On the night of Mahashivaratri, he proposed to me and I also accepted his proposal. He loved me, I fell in love with him too.

We lived a close life with great love and both were very happy in their lives, both of them decided to get married.

Talking to the family members, my family agreed to the marriage but her family did not agree.

He told me that I will not get married without the consent of my family members, unless they agree.

One day her father set her marriage somewhere else and for the happiness of the family, she turned down his love and got married and left me in the middle of the journey.

The day she was getting married, we were broken from inside, it seemed like i wish the earth would burst and we would be absorbed in it, but this is Kalyug, not satyug, this is not possible in Kalyug.

My family supported me a lot, explained to me a lot, my friends were always with me, no one left me alone, but the lack of him haunted me every moment.

I never thought in my life that someone could do so wrong to me.

But I managed myself and thought of doing something in the future. Let me tell you today how to forget your true love.


Ways to Forget True Love

If someone has broken your heart by cheating, rejected your true love and you are not able to forget your true love.

So below I will give you some tips on how to forget true love and how to handle yourself, by reading which you will be able to forget your love.

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Believe me, I have also forgotten my love through these remedies and today I am sharing ways to forget true love with you by completely forgetting my love, so let’s read how to forget true love.


1. Don’t be in contact with Ex

Often after the breakup, people have in their minds that it is special that we meet again, we get together again, but this is just your wrong thinking.

Friends, if there was so much love between you, you would not be separated from each other, somewhere your love would have read less when both of you separated from each other.

Therefore, you should not stay in contact with him, if he tells you whether we can be friends again, then flatly refuse.


Because there is no point in befriending the person who gave you so much pain, we are telling you this because if you make friends with him again or maintain contact, then you will have trouble forgetting him.

Therefore, eliminate contact with him everywhere, it is good for you to erase his memories from the root, the more you move away from him, the better it will be for you.


2. Just focus on yourself

If your true love has left you for some reason, then you just need to pay attention to yourself, because when love is lost, a person breaks down from inside, so you have to handle yourself.

If you think only about him and keep thinking about his memories, then you will suffer more. The more you remember him, the more you will miss him “because it is easy to love someone but it is very difficult to forget that love”.

So try to forget your true love and think about yourself once why you are shedding tears for someone else when he does not care about you at all and has left you in the middle of the journey.


3. Don’t be alone at all

Often I have seen that those who lose their love prefer to be alone, they sit quietly and cry thinking about the memories of their true love.

Friends, people who do this quickly go into depression, such people neither feel hungry nor thirsty, they just like to be alone.

Such people do not care about anyone, nor do they like to talk to anyone more, so if you have lost your true love, please do not be alone.

Always keep someone with you, go out with your friends, make new friends, if you do not watch TV, start watching TV, go to meet relatives, spend time with family, if you do all this then you will soon be able to forget true love.


4. Share your pain with friends

If you have lost your true love and are in depression, then you can share your pain with friends.

There are friends who can support you in your happiness and sorrow and the friend who is not able to help his friend in grief, what is the use of that friend, so share your things with your friend, they will definitely support you.


5. Keep ex’s memories away from you

If you have recently broken up, then do not miss your ex, the more you miss him, the more you will remember him.

If you keep the gifts given by him, you will miss him a lot by seeing the gift and you will find it difficult to forget him.

Block him from all over the social network and also block his mobile number so that he can not call you and bother you.

If you have a photo of him, then tear it and throw it away, if there is a photo or video in your mobile, then delete it immediately, if you do all this, then you can be able to get out of his memories.


6. Forget the past and move forward in the future

Forgetting your true love is not everything, but it is wise to forget your past and think about the future.

You have to move forward in life and think about it, what was past, who it was, what it did to you, forget all these things and just think about your future time.

What passed away was yesterday, what we are today, we have to think about what we will do next, this is life and it keeps coming and going, we also came one day and one day will go, so life should be lived freely.

Do not hold yourself behind when someone leaves, but think that his and your journey was here, so you spent this moment well, now go ahead in your journey and think about your future.


7. Be active on social networks

To forget true love, keep yourself busy, for which you have to be active on social sites.

Talk to your old friends on Facebook or if you do not have many friends, then make new friends and talk to them.

Watch some knowledge videos on YouTube, this will also allow you to keep yourself busy and learn something as well.


8. Keep your thinking positive.

Everything has two meanings, one negative and the other positive, which you think more about, your thinking will become the same, so always keep your thinking positive.

If you’ve been cheated in love, he’s broken your heart, it means he doesn’t deserve you. If that person truly loves you, he will never leave you in the middle of the journey.

keep your mind calm
keep your mind calm

You should think that it is good that he left you earlier, if he left you after marriage, you would have suffered more and suffered more.

So get him out of your mind because he is not in your destiny, there is someone better than him in your destiny who will meet you soon and will keep you happy for the whole life.


9. Join the job

If you are educated and do not do a job, then you should join the job because if you do a job, you can keep yourself busy.

If you want to forget true love, it is very important to keep yourself busy, so if possible, go to a private institution and give an interview and join the job.

If you do a job, you will be busy all day at work and your day will be cut, if you work all day and go home at night, then you will immediately fall asleep and you will fall asleep.

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10. Don’t punish yourself at all

Sometimes due to our mistake or due to our wrong habit or due to misunderstanding, we lose our love, in such a situation, people start punishing themselves by feeling guilty.

peace feeling inside your mind
peace feeling inside your mind

Doing this is not right at all, harming yourself is not the solution to any problem, so improve yourself by removing your shortcomings and wrong habits and do something in the future.

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