What to Do with an Unfaithful Girl or Boy, Love and Cheated People

In today’s time, almost everyone loves someone and should also because love is the best feeling relationship in the world.

But some people in the world do not understand the meaning of love and cheat people by pretending to love.

Those who do not understand love consider it a game and also cheat in its name, like many boys cheat girls by trapping them in love and making physical relations with them.

And many such girls pretend to love boys for money and use their money and cheat the old boy when they find a boy with more money.

cheated in love
cheated in love

Today we will talk about this topic that if a boy cheats a girl or a girl cheats a boy then what should be done with that unfaithful girl or boy.

Before I know this, I want to tell my true story of how I was cheated by a girl and what I did to her.

If you do not want to read this true story, then you can read the information below what to do with the fraudsters.

Unfaithful girl cheated

Friends, I am a 24-year-old boy and I was in love with a girl from 10th grade and proposed to that girl after 12th grade and that girl also agreed.

I knew that the girl has just accepted the proposal but she does not love me right now but I thought that after some time she will recognize my true love and she will also fall in love with me.

We kept talking and my love grew. There were many boys in her life but I took them away from her life for some reason or the other and made my place in her life and that girl also fell in love with me.

She loved me but lied, hid the truth and even after much refusal, she used to say that she would not lie anymore, but she was helpless with her habit.

love 5

Such 4 years passed and college was over and now he had to stay in the same city to prepare for a government job and I had to go to another city for a job.

I explained to him a lot that just study and not get into anyone’s words, don’t lie to me or hide the truth.

If you ever like a guy, tell me and leave me, then make friends with him or have a relationship with him. So he said this would never happen and then I moved to another city.

I joined the job and started working, giving her as much time as she could and she also studied but passed more time and had more meaning in the lives of others.

As time passed, my health deteriorated, I left the job and came home, thinking of staying at home for some time.

The girl was not getting a government job because she used to study less and pass more time in other work, I told her to work harder, so she said that she will have to do coaching then the job will be done.

So I told him okay to join coaching and don’t worry about money. While I knew that very few people study in coaching, most people only do coaching in the name of time pass and girls and boys.

She started going to coaching and started studying a little, but still she used to pass more time.

I also thought of doing a job again and told the girl that I am going for a job, you stay well and do not care about anyone, just study.

love 4

Again I started working in another city and she started studying in the same city, she still had a bad habit of lying and hiding the truth.

It was going on like this, but one day his coaching boy asked him for the number because he would also be watching him. So he refused to give the number and told me that I was loved by a guy very much and was asking for the number.

So I said if you like it, you can leave me and give him a number and if you love me, then there is no point in giving him the number, do your studies. So she said ok, I will not give the number.

Now I started working and this girl started talking to the boy by creating a new Facebook ID and also gave her number and started talking on the phone.

I was unaware of everything, was working and used to talk to her in the morning and evening when I got time, she was also talking to both of them.


One day while running Facebook, I saw a Facebook ID in her name, so I thought she had created it, so called and asked if you have created a Facebook ID, then she flatly refused that she did not create any ID.

I thought there could be another girl in her name and forgot everything and started her work.

It was going on like this. The girl started hanging out with the boy, started meeting him, I did not know anything.

Suddenly one day my health deteriorated and I was told by the family to come back that if my health is bad, then leave the job and come home. So I took medicines and as soon as my health got better, I left my job and came back home.

Then I thought that I should meet him because it has been a long time, so I told him that I am coming to make potato parathas, so he said okay.

When I reached there, she had not made parathas because she would not have got time because of the other boy and she brought plain parathas in the morning.

love 3

I happily ate the same and then sat down and talked and did shopping and while coming back in the evening, it was late and my mobile was discharged, so I asked for his mobile.

So he said ok, change the SIM and take the mobile, but suddenly he remembered that that new Facebook ID was open in his mobile, so he uninstalled the Facebook application in front, so I understood that the fake Facebook ID belonged to him.

Then I asked him to tell the username and password of the fake Facebook ID, then he said that he had created it with a temporary email ID, which I do not remember nor remember the password.

I have a little technical knowledge so that I thought that I can try to open the ID in the mobile, so even after the girl refused, both of them came home with the mobile.

When I reached home, I tried to open the ID, then I came to know that he had created a fake ID with his other number and then I read all the chatting and understood what is the relationship between them and what has happened between them.

I called her and told her a lot that she would tell me first and leave me when I did not like it but she kept lying that there is no relationship between them nor does she know her number.

Then the next day she comes to my city in the morning and meets me that I made a mistake, now it will not happen and starts going back with the mobile.

impress someone

But I come to know that he had called the boy last night from his friend’s mobile and told him not to call my number, then I came to know that he also remembered the boy’s number.

Then I understood that the girl who does not remember the number of her father and mother remembers that boy’s number, so how far has the matter gone?

So I told him to leave me and live your life well because I have hated you and just get angry seeing you.

But the girl was not taking the name of leaving me, she was saying sorry, now this will not happen, so I gave her one last chance and said that if this happens now, I will leave you.

I know that girl will cheat on me again because she doesn’t love me, if she did, she wouldn’t cheat, but I didn’t give her the chance to myself.

Now if she cheats, I will marry him and hurt him for the rest of my life.

I will make her life hell by reminding her of that thing in the morning and evening, because once I made a mistake, I forgave her and gave her a second chance, now if she cheats, then she will be worth it.


What to do with an unfaithful girl or boy

If you also love someone very much and he has cheated on you, then give him another chance so that he can correct his mistake because mistakes are made by humans.

But if a person makes the same mistake again and again, then never forgive him because that mistake has become his habit and he cannot change.

love 2

After being cheated, give a chance, if you still do not correct or correct the mistake, then give him as much pain as he has caused you.

It is very important to punish the unfaithful so that people do not defame love.

How to give pain to the unfaithful

To give pain to the unfaithful, first marry him anyway. After that, remind them of that thing for the whole life and burn them in the morning and evening. Do not let go out of the house, imprison yourself in a room and force you to spend the whole life.

If your unfaithful does not marry you and leaves you, then tell her husband or new boyfriend about your relationship so that he gets angry and hurts him for the rest of his life.


In the same way, you can give pain to your unfaithfulness in many ways and reduce your pain to some extent. Never forgive your unfaithfulness.

In ways to hurt your unfaithful, do not adopt any method that physically hurts him and is legally wrong.

Never take the law into your own hands and never violate the rules of the law.

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Why unfaithful people should not be forgiven

Never forgive the unfaithful because it also deceives other people and teaches them to cheat new people, which brings a bad name to love.

Because of these infidelity, love is so infamous today and the people of our family are against this love.

Therefore, you are requested to give full punishment to your unfaithful for his wrong and deception, which is not wrong within the scope of the law.

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