How to Get Married in Court, Benefits of Court Marriage

If you also want to marry the boy / girl of your choice and your family is not happy with this relationship and you get upset about how to get married. So you do not have to worry, we are going to tell you the solution.


How to do Court Marriage?

If your family does not want to have a traditional marriage with your favorite spouse, then you can resort to court marriage. A legal marriage is conducted by the court, whose certificate is issued. Court marriages can be between any religion, caste, community.

court marriage
court marriage

But you must be wondering how this court marriage happens, so today we are going to tell in detail about how to do court marriage, necessary documents, fees, etc. in this post.


What is court marriage?

The process of marriage that is performed in the court in front of the marriage officer without any traditional ceremony is called court marriage. This marriage is done under the Special Marriage Act 1954 of the Indian Constitution.

court marriages
court marriages

This marriage takes place between young men and women of any religion. However, terms and conditions have also been made for court marriages.


Terms and Conditions for Court Marriage

If you also want to have a court marriage, then you have to follow the terms and conditions made under the Special Marriage Act, otherwise you cannot get married. The necessary terms and conditions for court marriage are shown below.

  • For court marriage, it is mandatory for the young man to be 21 years old and the age of the girl is 18 years.
  • Before this, the young woman was not married.
  • If the spouse is dead after marriage, then the marriage can be done again by showing a death certificate to prove dead.
  • Both the married couples should be physically eligible for childbirth.
  • Both young men and women should be physically capable of providing consent for their marriage. Because the marriage officer gets both parties married according to his will.


Benefits of Court Marriage

The trend of court marriage in India is increasing because court marriage has many benefits. Various benefits of court marriage are being shown.

  • Compared to a traditional marriage, a court marriage costs much less.
  • The traditional wedding ceremony lasts for several days, in which there is a waste of food, a court marriage takes place in a short time, due to which there is no wastage of food.
  • After the court marriage, the government also gives money in the form of rewards. If you are marrying another caste or community in court, then you will get the benefit of grant.
  • In a traditional marriage, tension arises due to many customs, but there is no custom in court marriage.


Documents required for court marriage

There are many documents required for a court marriage. This document is done to prove the identity, age of the young woman. Because in court marriage, the age of the young man should be 21 years and the age of the girl should be 18 years. The list of documents required during a court marriage is given below.

  • Wedding Form and Fees
  • Four passport size photographs of the young man who got married.
  • Photocopy of Bride and Groom’s Aadhaar Card
  • Residence and identity certificate of the young woman.
  • 10th or 12th mark sheet of bride and groom (to prove age)
  • witne
  • Photographs of all witnesses and their identity cards
  • PAN Card and Driver’s License
  • Affidavit (in which the bride and groom do not have an illicit relationship with anyone)

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How to do court marriage?

If you want to get married to the court, then you can do a court marriage properly by following the procedure given below.

Step 1. Apply to the Registrar.

  • First of all, for a court marriage, you have to go to the marriage officer of your district and submit an application. In which both the bride and groom are shown to get married voluntarily.
  • Young women should pay attention to the fact that they have to stay in the district where they want to get married for at least 30 days.

Step 2. Notice to be issued

  • After applying for marriage, the concerned marriage officer issues a notice. This notice is put on the notice board of the concerned office. Apart from this, this notice is also published in the local newspaper of the district.
  • However, this notice is not sent personally to the bride’s family.
  • If any person in the district lodges an objection to this notice within 30 days, then the marriage officer examines that objection. If the disaster is found to be justified in the investigation, then the marriage officer can reject the marriage application.
  • However, the bride can file an appeal in the district court against the non-acceptance of the objection by the marriage officer.
  • If the objection to the notice is not filed within 30 days, your application for marriage will be accepted and further processing will be extended.

Step 3. Fill the marriage form

  • If the objection is not filed within 30 days of the issuance of the notice, then a marriage form has to be filled, it is also available to the lawyer in the patient for court or online.

Step 4. Go to the marriage office

  • After filling the marriage form, both the bride and groom have to go to the marriage office.
  • After this, the marriage officer completes some rituals of marriage in front of all the witnesses in his presence and takes pictures. For this, fixed fees also have to be paid.
  • The marriage officer will get a declaration signed by three witnesses and the bride and groom.

Final Step – Issuing Certificate

  • After the completion of the marriage, the marriage officer creates a marriage certificate by filling all the details. After obtaining the marriage certificate, your court marriage will be valid.

Note: – If the marriage does not take place within 3 months of the publication of the notice, then the young woman will have to apply for marriage again. It may take 30 to 40 days to complete this process.


How to get married early?

If you want to have a court marriage soon, first go to the temple and get married. Make a certificate of your marriage in the temple and apply for a marriage certificate to the marriage officer.

After verifying your marriage, the marriage officer will give you a marriage certificate. With this process, your court marriage will be done very quickly.


Court Marriage Fees and Expenses

Talking about fees, different court marriage fees have been fixed in different states. The average court marriage fee is ₹500 to ₹1000. But other paperwork can cost money to seek assistance from a lawyer. It can cost you 10 thousand rupees to get a court marriage.

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