Wonderful 50 Heart Touching Breakup Status

You broke up and are you sad? So, this article is just for you, there are many reasons to be unhappy, some people are unhappy about their home problems, then some people are sad because they have no work, some people are sad because of work and some people are sad. for breaking up. Happiness and sadness will continue in life Because happiness and sadness are part of their lives, it will continue to come and go, but today, if you believe it, boys and girls maximum girls troubled by the breakup It can be seen that if your girlfriend or boyfriend leaves you or leaves and you are also sad about the breakup. we have the best breakup status for boys and best breakup status for you that you will surely relax a bit or maybe your girlfriend or boyfriend will come back too.

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  • 1. Maybe when the time is right, you will find me.

  • 2. I learned that people leave, even if they have to promise a thousand times what they need.

  • 3. Sometimes the wrong choices lead us to the right places.

  • 4. People cry, not because they are weak, but because they have been stoned for so long.

  • 5. Whoever you give the most power to will break your heart.


Childhood Status
Childhood Status
  • 6. Life says don’t destroy yourself every day for one person.

  • 7. Pain comes when we love someone and have someone else in our heart.

  • 8. Thanks for the lie, I wouldn’t understand this world without you.

  • 9. Pain is written only by those who have true love.

  • 10. You never hate me for not loving you, I hate myself for loving you.

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  • 11. Don’t cry once the sun goes down because tears won’t let you see the scar.

  • 12. To this day, I feel far from the person I wish I could hold in my arms…

  • 13. Someday you’ll wait for me But I won’t be able to come.

  • 15. Tried a lot to keep everything together, but ran out of wires and super glue.


Cheat Status
Cheat Status
  • 16. It’s really sad not being willing to do something you’re passionate about as the years go by.

  • 17. I don’t miss him, I miss the person I thought he was.

  • 18. I hate when people say they miss you, but don’t try to talk to you or see you.

  • 19. I want you to be FREE, but I can watch you NEVER leave me.

  • 20. THE SAFETY of everything is salt water – sweat, tears or the ocean.

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  • 21. I let go of your hand, I’ve been gone alone for a long time, and only I realize it’s time for me to try again.

  • 22. It’s not your fault for being there, it’s my fault for thinking you would be.

  • 23. Life doesn’t end when you’re gone, but what to do with this memory?

  • 24. He didn’t see my thousands of gifts, only one of my mistakes.

  • 25. Those who close a relationship with their heart only feel pain.

  • 26. I run away, you crack at this distance.

  • 27. Today we feel so lonely as buried.

  • 28. I don’t know what my death will be like but surely your infidelity will be better for it.

  • 29. I am your cure, and you are my disease, I am saving you, but you are killing me.

  • 30. Test the soil before planting a love tree of life.

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  • 31. You have achieved what in heaven even in your absence, you live on in our hearts.

  • 32. She wanted to save the relationship and that’s why I lost.

  • 33. It takes a lot of courage to smile and live with a broken heart.

  • 34. someone forgotten by infidelity, no one hides his sadness by smiling.

  • 35. If you are satisfied with my cry, I am ready to cry for the rest of my life.


Busy Status
Busy Status
  • 36. Please do me a favor by telling me how to forget the people who broke my heart.

  • 37. One day I will leave you, leave you in my status, will time teach you what love is?

  • 38. Life is so short, there’s no time to stray from important unspoken words.

  • 39. Sad farewell status in English for girlfriend and boyfriend

  • 40. Now wherever I go, I find myself alone, but when I miss you, I smile with all my heart.

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  • 41. What you have left us, the world has left us.

  • 42. It’s not a matter of luck betraying me, I believe in you but luck didn’t.

  • 43. Don’t break your promise, don’t play with someone’s heart.

  • 44. I also went on a strange journey that tired the heart but did not tire the legs.

  • 45. Don’t expect such people in life who are happier with others than you. forty six. I don’t remove anyone from my life, people whose hearts are filled, they leave us.


Breakup Status
Breakup Status
  • 47. We saw the beating of the heart so close, we found ourselves separate from ourselves.

  • 48. Love is like a shooting star, it can’t tell when or what it looks like.

  • 49. The mind is also polluted when a love is not made with the heart but with the mind.

  • 50. Someday you’ll see what you’ve lost, sooner or later I’ll see what I’ve gained.

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So, I brought a breakup situation that I liked, so check the contents below, select a breakup situation that you like, copy and share it. Are you looking for breakup quotes to help you overcome the pain of breakup? Here you will find a collection of sayings and quotes that will heal and inspire you. We’ve all experienced the pain of separation and the sorrow that comes with it. Especially on the mannequins we already trust. Sometimes we don’t find the right words to express our inner feelings, or we’re convinced that no one has ever felt the way we feel before. We may lose perspective, optimism and faith that everything will be fine in the future.

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